Useful Tips to Help You during Bali Holiday Destination

Bali is located down the equator and the weather condition over there is very much unpredictable. Temperature over there is consistently around 28 degrees to 30 degrees. The mountain region is pretty cooler than expected, and you will find it more cool and windy during nights. So, it is a good idea for you to visit Bali Islands in summer.

Hints to Remember for Bali Island Tourists

Things to Pack

It is recommended to pack as little as possible. It is also advised to carry comfortable hiking/ walking shoes, sun screen lotion, insect repellent, folding umbrella, and hats in order to escape from sudden showers.

A pair of long trousers and long skirts is must for ladies, if they are planning to visit temples. If you wear glasses, then it is a pretty good idea to pack in your suitcase.

It is mandatory to carry a hand towel and face wash along with you. If you feel humidity stress, then carry cold water and face washers in a plastic bag to get cooled down.

If you forget any of the above mentioned items, they can be purchased in Bali for cheaper price.

It is better to book your accommodation in advance. You can get better deals during summer. You can get hotels, apartments for rent, and villas in Bali. For more about Bali hotel guide, you can research internet and find the best ones that suit your budget and requirement.

Sensible Security

You should not forget carrying travel insurance along with you. If you already got travel insurance, you need to speak with your travel agent to purchase online.

It is advisable to carry an additional Photostat copy of your credit cards, travel cards, and passports, personal photo IDs. Keep all your second copies separate from original documents. Don’t forget to take some spare cash for medical emergencies.

Most of the accommodations and hotel rooms have got additional safes. If you are shopping apparels or any other craft, it is better to secure all your credit card receipts.

Apart from friendly people and relaxed environment, Bali is quite famous for crime; you need to be careful enough to keep an eye on your valuables and belongings.

Be Health Conscious

You should not forget the golden rule of drinking only bottled water without broken seal. In order to avoid humidity and heat, outdoor shopping is best done during the morning and late afternoon.

When you want to consider minor emergencies, make yourself convenient to prefer basic items such as sunburn lotion, antiseptic, cold and flu medicine, paracetamol, and bandaids. You can also get all these items in Bali, but when it comes to emergencies, it is recommended to carry yourself.

For medical emergencies, you can find several high quality international hospitals that work 24 hours.

Hope, all the above hints help you in Bali during holiday.


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