Bali Travel Tips and Tricks for Tourists

If you browse through magazines and research in internet for best tourist places in Indonesia, you will certainly find Bali on the top of the list. It is included in the list of top travel destinations across the world.

With the nice blend of majestic scenery, ancient culture, tropical ocean warmness, and world’s finest hotels, Bali is pretty surprising without any doubt.

Bali is one of the reputed islands in Indonesia and it measures 90 kilometers from north to south, 140 Kms from east to west and makes it easy for tourists to roam around and return to the resort by night.

Towering peaks, terraced rice paddies, iridescent crater lakes, mountainous landscapes, and sandy beaches draw millions of tourists every year to this particular tiny island.

Tips and Suggestions for First Time Travellers

Here are some valuable tips that you need to take into consideration and experience the best that Bali offers.

  1. Weather conditions at Bali are quite supportive and it supports visitors during any season. However, it is better to confirm weather conditions before you plan a holiday.
  2. Accommodation in Bali is quite awesome; you can find different options that suit everyone’s budget. In order to save and get best value for money, it is recommended to book your accommodation beforehand.
  3. You can find all kinds of luxury accommodations across Bali. They can provide you a driver to roam around the island. You can even hire a bicycle, if you are planning to travel far.
  4. When you speak very specific about the bartering, it is very much acceptable to barter across the stalls and local markets. It is not recommended to barter across larger departmental stores.
  5. You see hawkers getting on you, once you come out of hotel, particularly if you stay in major tourist areas. However, you might see they are very much rude while selling things. The best thing is to ignore such people.

Things You Should Be Aware Of

Beware of fake goods, unless you are pretty sure about few things. You can find fake goods for all branded items at local markets.

Bali is well known for its knock-offs and you can buy anything from fake Rolex to fake Rayban at the local markets.

It is recommended to stay away from illicit drugs that are available in highly populated tourist areas. You need to just ignore offers in order to stay away from high profile drug cases.

People in Bali are friendly and you can find that they are very much relaxed. However, it is better to be cautious in a new place. Beware of moneychangers, who can offer you very good exchange rates when it comes to foreign exchange.

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